“Central to our mission at The Drawing Studio
is to support artists and students in developing
and keeping up one’s practice of art in the middle of
the other demands of everyday life.”


There are two constants that have shaped my philosophy and approach to art and teaching over the course of my long life:

My interest in the nature of community as a medium and the role of drawing and other non-linear skills as newly relevant to understanding a changing world.

After I retired from teaching in 1992, eleven friends and former students who were intrigued by my philosophy, asked me to start a drawing class. Within just a few years, The Drawing Studio evolved because it was clear that our students were not only totally engaged in this new way of seeing and the changed point-of-view that resulted from an art practice, their word-of-mouth enthusiasm was bringing non-professional people to our programs by the hundreds.

It’s no coincidence that at that same time, we were also in the midst of a global media revolution, in which the traditional linear languages of communication were being invaded and largely replaced by visual, spatial and kinesthetic systems, now easily accessible to anyone with an internet address and a computer.

As a result, The Drawing Studio ceased to be a simple “art school,” but rather became a growing community of people who were coming together to make art every week, only to realize that what comes out of that shared process, begins to influence everything else in their lives.

Today, most of the people in our studio classes are not conventional art students, nor intend to be. They are people from all walks of life who are responding to a transforming world, and want to engage much more deeply in a broad, new range of creative learning that involves the mind-body-spirit as a natural part of one’s general growth as a person.

The Drawing Studio is now engaged in a curriculum far beyond conventional “art school” thinking, by becoming a new kind of cultural service community, flexible enough to be open to the broadest spectrum of all of our citizens.



Spread the Word. Share your artwork,
especially with people who don’t make art,
or don’t know that you do. Tell them how what
you’re learning makes a difference to your larger life.
Share your enthusiasm for the community that is
The Drawing Studio and invite them to join us.
Volunteer or make a donation and help us continue
to bring art making, and the personal growth that results
from that process, to our entire community.